Welcome to the Walk Yourself Wealthy Online Course  

The is the dog walkers business course. In this course you will discover the five keys to a successful dog walking business.

Module one - Introduction

This is the introduction module and here you will learn if you want to have a successful dog walking business its not enough to be just good at 'handling dogs'. You also need to be good at 'marketing' that business.

The pet service industry is booming and the demand for higher end luxury pet products and services has never been higher. Sadly most new pet businesses make the mistake of charging the same as all the other pet businesses in their town, then they wonder why they struggle to stand out from the competition.

I will be sharing the five marketing strategies I have used to transform my little, local dog walking business into the UK's number 1 dog adventure company, Pack Leader Dog Adventures. Now you can do the same.

Module Two - Be Premium 

The biggest mistake most new pet businesses make is they charge the same (or less) than all the other dog walkers in their town. But charging less than everyone else often means you attract the cheaper clients. These penny pinching cheaper clients are much harder to do business with. They complain about the prices you charge and often pay late, that's of they pay at all.

Premium pricing your business means you charge the most out of all your competitors. And if you are the best dog walker in town then you should be charging the best prices.

It's a strange quirk of pricing that the more we pay for a product or service, the better we perceive it to be. So you can immediately elevate your business and make it appear different and better than all the competition just by increasing your prices.

Dom gives more examples and strategies to do this in this module.

Module Three - Be Specialised 

A really easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to 'Be Specialised' with your dog walking business.

There are lots of ways you can do this, from niching down and only walking a certain kind of dog or changing the offering so the type of dog walk you offer is completely different from everybody else.

In this module Dom explains exactly how you can do that, AND why you should do it too.

Module Four - Be The Expert

No matter what industry you are in, if you are an expert you are paid more money and there is more demand for your services. And if you are an 'expert dog walker' then there will be more demand for your service and you can charge more for your services too.

Dom explains exactly how you can make yourself an 'expert' dog walker in this module.

Module Five - Be Polarising

As a small business owner you can't afford to even try and market your business the way that 'Coca Cola' 'Walmart' or 'Budwieser' market theirs. But you can use your 'personality' to draw your ideal customers towards you like a magnet.

The more you put your personality into your business the quicker you can take people through the 'know, like and trust' process that all prospects have to go through before they become paying customers.

In this module Dom shows how you can put more of your personality into your pet business so you can make more money, faster!

Module Six - Be Inaccessible

Is it possible for you to make your dog walking business more desirable so that potential customers are literally begging you to be able to use your services?

The answer is yes and in this module Dom explains how you can make your pet business appear more exclusive (and charge more money) by 'Being Inaccessible'.

This is nothing new, the most exclusive bars, restaurants and clubs usually have some kind of 'barrier to entry' where you have be referred or signed in by a guest, now you can learn how to do this in your own business too.

Module Seven - Recap

This is the course summary and Dom recaps the five marketing strategies you need to know to grow your dog walking business.

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