Dom is the bestselling author of How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero, the pet business bible Walk Yourself Wealthy, and the Street-Smart Dog Training Series Worry Free Walks and The Perfect Puppy Recipe. All books are available from Amazon and Audible or you can grab a signed copy (and a bonus gift) direct from Dom below.

Walk Yourself Wealthy

Walk Yourself Wealthy

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed and underpaid in your pet business?

Are you tired of looking for answers in Facebook groups that are full of average pet business owners who know nothing about business?

Are you struggling to stand out from the ever-growing competition?

You need the new Pet Business Bible ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy – The quick easy and no BS guide to transform you passion for pooches into an insanely profitable and fun dog walking empire’

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Worry Free Walks

Worry Free Walks

Are you sick and tired of being ignored and embarrassed by your distracted dog?

Do you dread the daily dog walk and find exercising your dog draining and depressing?

Do you love your dog dearly but hate walking him, and do you wish you had more control? Worry no longer because help is at hand, and in Worry Free Walks Superhero dog training specialist Dominic Hodgson, deconstructs the dog walk and gives you a simple and straightforward, step-by-step guide, that will get you from your front door to the park bench without any pulling, lunging, barking or shouting.

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The Perfect Puppy Recipe

The Perfect Puppy Project

Are you an inexperienced, nervous, first time puppy owner who is fizzing with fear at the thought of welcoming a new puppy into your home. Do you worry about biting, pooping and whether your new puppy will terrorise your children and wreck your home?

Worry no more…The Perfect Puppy Recipe is the only dog training book that gives first-time puppy owners a no mess, zero stress, step by step guide to raising the perfect puppy.

Let Dom hold you hand and walk your through the crucial first six months of your puppies life.

Expected delivery April 2nd

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How to Be Your Dogs Superhero

How To Be Your Dog's Superhero

Do you love your dog but wish he would listen to you?

Are your daily walks stress filled affairs?

Does the thought of letting your dog off lead give you a panic attack?

Then you need to grab your copy of “How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero: Transform Your Dastardly Dog Using The Power Of Play.

This is a complete, no BS guide to how I went from hapless dog walker to successful trainer.

I promise this book will give you the roadmap and confidence you need to train your own dog and have him following you around the park like the Pied Piper, in just six weeks.

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