What is the Pet Business Success Summit, IMPACT 2020 all about?

The cat (or should that be the ‘puppy’) is finally out of the bag as Australia’s premier ‘puppy specialist’ and creator of the Sound Proof Puppy App, Amy Smith is revealed as the ‘Keynote’ speaker at IMPACT 2020.

IMPACT 2020 ‘Keynote Speaker’ Amy Smith

This takes what was going to be the event of the year up another level entirely…

I’m understandably delighted to have Amy on board, and for the record she is totally buzzing about flying from the other side of the world to come and speak at IMPACT on May 2nd, 2020.

“I am absolutely pumped to be coming over to speak at the Impact 2020 event in the UK.

 Since the Sound Proof Puppy App launched (7 years ago now) I have had some incredible opportunities but speaking at Impact and coming over to the UK absolutely takes the cake!”

Amy is the inventor of the Sound Proof Puppy App

More details about exactly what Amy will be doing at IMPACT will follow in due course…

So, what else is in store for the attendees at IMPACT 2020? Great question, and one I’m happy to answer now.

IMPACT 2020 is a three day pet business success summit and you have a number of options to choose from depending on where you are at in your business journey…

Friday – ‘Diamond invitational – Roundtables’, This a ‘hands on’ workshopping day where you can workshop your ideas with experts from inside the Pet Business Inner Circle.  Vicky Fraser will be doing an in depth ‘How to write a book’ workshop. Alex Wardle will be doing a ‘Confident Content creation’ and there may be another workshop too if I can squeeze one in – There will be a Diamond reception and gala dinner on the evening, Amy Smith will be in attendance and attendees will get the opportunity for a professional photographs with Amy, and the other speakers which you can use on social media and on your website. Friday is also when the presentations for PBIC marketer of the year will occur.

GSD Friday Day – The Round-tables Get Shit Done Day!

Diamond and Platinum members get this day included free with their membership.

Saturday  – Main IMPACT event. I’ll be sharing the four pillars of world class pet business owners, one of which is ‘niching’ which is why I’ve invited Amy Smith to the event. I’ve known Amy for a few years now and she’s an amazing dog trainer, fabulous speaker, has a fantastic, inspirational business story to share with you. Amy is the inventor of the sound proof puppy app (which has had over 20,000 downloads) and has run solely puppy classes in her home town (Last Saturday she and her staff ran 5 classes and had 35 puppies through the door).

Want a thriving dog training business? Be at IMPACT 2020!

On the Saturday you’ll also discover the other 3 pillars which are;

Productivity – Are you sick and tired of feeling like a ‘busy fool’? Do you want to know how to get more shit done in your business, so you can quickly achieve your goals and claim your place at the top of the mountain? Dan Kennedy says ‘Money is attracted to speed’ (and anyone who saw the ‘How I did that presentation’ at IMPACT 2010 will know that SPEED is one of my keys to success). At IMPACT 2020 I’ll be sharing my personal blueprint that will enable you to move away from the time for money swap, and create a fun business that works and operates around your life, NOT the other way around.

Profitability – Premium pricing is a must for any serious pet business owner, but it’s also just the starting point. I guarantee you are currently leaving a ton of money on the table that your current clients would willingly pay you IF ONLY you knew what to offer them, well, at IMPACT 2020 you’ll find out how to create upsells and get continuity into your business, which will make ‘cash-flow headaches’ a thing of the past. At  IMPACT 2020 you get a personal plan for a more prosperous future.

Book writing specialist Vicky Fraser

Promotion – The game is up for anyone who thinks they can grow a pet business using ‘FREE’ engagement strategies on Social media. The FREE FACEBOOK Dog Days are over! To stand out from the competition and build a bigger, better and more profitable business you need a ‘multi-media’ approach to marketing which combines the best online AND offline marketing methods. I’m the only pet business coach who has mastered the use of ALL media channels including events, email, direct mail, FB advertising, PR and publishing. At IMPACT 2020 I’ll show you how to combine all these methods into a simple and sustainable marketing plan that will put your business growth on steroids..

Make sure you are ‘in the room’ at IMPACT 2020

 Saturday evening – (Day/night ticket) – The IMPACT gala dinner is the ultimate ‘networking’ event of the year. All of the speakers (including Amy Smith) will be in attendance and here you’ll get to rub shoulders and pick the brains of the industry experts (including my Platinum high achievers) . There will be an awards ceremony and the winner of the IMPACT award will be revealed. We will also have some surprises in-store too…

Trust me. You don’t want to be going home at 5pm while everyone else is putting their glad rags on for the gala dinner. At the very least you should get a day/night ticket.

Super Sunday  – Day with Dom – On Super Sunday Dom will be sharing how to build (or rebuild) your pet business so you magnetically attract the most affluent clients in your area.

Discover how to become the ‘Harrods’ Pet Business in your town on Super Sundays, bonus Day with Dom!

The marketing skills required to build a ‘affluent attractive’ business are complex, sophisticated and subtle. Most pet business owners only ever accidentally stumble across the occasional affluent client, but what if you could sign-post your business as the natural choice for high-fee paying, easy to work with clients? Well, this ‘one-off’ seminar will teach you everything you need to know so you can position your pet business as the ‘Harrods’ of your town. You’ll never have to worry about the competition EVER again…

You can see a special episode of the podcast which goes into more detail about the IMPACT 2020 agenda below.

See what went down at IMPACT 2019…

In 2011 Dom Hodgson revolutionised the pet service industry with his first business Pack Leader Dog Adventures, the UK’s first, award winning ‘dog adventure’ company. Now a respected dog trainer, author, speaker and mentor to pet business owners, Dom’s calling is to help dog walkers, trainers and groomers to excel with their marketing, so they can help change the lives of more dog owners with their amazing skills.