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Have you ever seen a book you really thought could help you with your business but then you struggled to find the time to read it?

Course you have and I have too. That’s why I have put together the ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy Superpack’.

The ‘Superpack’ contains;

  • An immediate digital download of the full ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’ book. This is a PDF you can be reading on your phone, PC or tablet straight away.
  • You also get immediate access to the audio version of ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’, narrated by me. You can listen to the MP3’s on the go while you are walking the dog, driving or having a bath.
  • And the final piece of the jigsaw is full, immediate and lifetime access to my brand new ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy Online Course – How to launch and grow a profitable dog walking business’. In this 7 module video course I walk you through the five marketing secrets you need to know to transform the fortunes of your pet business.

Individually, these 3 products would cost you over £97 but as a thank you for investing in the paperback version of ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’ (which will be with you in a day or two) I am giving you this one time opportunity to get all of the above for a one off payment of just £17.

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With the PDF, audiobook and online course you get access to with this offer, I am basically making it impossible for you not to learn all the powerful information that’s in Walk Yourself Wealthy.

Remember though, this is a one-time offer and once this page closes the chance to get everything in the Superpack for just £17 will disappear, forever.

Don’t miss this chance to finally learn how to bring your marketing skills up to the level of your awesome dog handling ability.

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