Do you love your dog but hate walking him?


Is your daily doggy stroll a stress-filled pull fest, that leaves you tired, frurstrated and wishing you'd got a cat instead of a dog?

If only you could transform your crazy canine into a calm, controlled docile dog...

Well, now you can do just that with the
'Worry Free Walks Online Course' .

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The Worry Free Walks Online course is one a complete dog training program, where I share the simple dog training secrets that will keep your dog glued to your side, even if there are pigeons, squirrels and other dogs nearby.

This course acts as the perfect 'next-step' once you have read and enjoyed my Worry Free Walks book.

I appreciate there’s only so much practical demonstration you can get from a book, so to help you move forward faster with your training, I am giving you free access to the ‘Worry Free Walks’ online video course. This free dog training masterclass will add lots of meat to the bones of this book. You will see me demonstrate with my own and my clients’ dogs the simple training techniques I have describe in the Worry Free Walks book.

In this free course you will discover...

  • How to survive a trip to the dog park . Never again will you be worried about your dog running away to find something more interesting than you. The key to a successful trip to the dog park is in the preparation.
  • How to get your dog’s attention laser locked onto you using food and toys. If you want your dog to followyou around the park then you need to be more interesting to him. I show you how to play simple games that your dog will love.
  • How to stop your dog running off to find fun elsewhere by playing a searching game! Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog wanted to find you and be near you (or your partner) instead of going off to find fun somewhere else? Well with this searching game you can do that!
  • How to safely exercise multiple dogs at the park . I share the dog walking secrets to playing with (and controlling) two dogs off lead at the park.
  • How keep your dog safe and near you by playing two toys, an awesome game that teaches your dog a retrieve,wears him out quickly and enables you to exercise him and keep him in the small area of the park you want to play in.
  • How to turn the dog park into a calm haven you actually want to go to with your dog . As well as playing games I will show you some less strenuous activities you can do with your dog that will keep him calm and relaxed, so you can be calm and relaxed too.

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