7 Day Video Kickstarter Program

This is the seven day video kickstarter that will give you the confidence and skills to be able to show off your amazing dog services on video. Be sure to complete all of the challenges I set, and remember, practise makes perfect.

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Bonus Training  - Video Masterclass with Alex 'the video guy' Wardle.

In this bonus training you will discover Alex's '5 steps to better video' that every pet business owner need to know.

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Bonus Training - The Secret 'PLTV' Files

Here are the full fifteen episodes of 'Pack Leader Television' the home made TV show that helped to put my pet business on the map. Each episode show a different part of my business and you can use these videos as examples of videos which you can create to connect with your audience.

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Bonus Training: How to be Your Dog's Superhero - Seminar Highlights

Seminar highlights from my 'How to Be Your Dog's Superhero' UK seminar tour

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Bonus 'Worry Free Walks' The Complete Audio Book

The full audio version of 'Walk Yourself Wealthy' read and narrated by Dom Hodgson

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