Welcome to the Top Dollar, Dog Trainer, Online Course  

Discover how to help more dog owners, and build a sustainable business with your amazing dog training skills.

Module one - Introduction

In this module Dom explains why marketing is such a crucial element of a dog trainers business model. No marketing often means no new clients, and a lack of consistent marketing activity is one the main factors behind the feast and famine business model that keeps most dog trainers busy but poor.

top dollar dog trainer 1 - intro from Dominic Hodgson on Vimeo.


Module Two - Positioning Your Dog Training Business 

Most dog trainers make the huge mistake of offering too many different services. They think this will help there business attract more cleints. The reality is that specializing in your business and finding a niche means you can claim a slice of the dog training pie  all for yourself.

All of the successful and famous dog trainers have a specialty. Krya Sundance is known for agility, and Grisha Stewart is known for her work with reactive dogs. You can establish yourself as the 'expert' dog trainer in your town by adopting the positioning strategies in this module.

Module Three - Promoting Your Dog Training Business 

To successful promote your amazing dog training skills in your town so you attract the best clients you need to be doing consistent offline AND online marketing.

Updating your business Facebook page is NOT a strategy that is going to help you long term.

In this module Dom shows you some simple but highly effective online and offline marketing strategies that will enable your dog training business to stand out from the crowd.

Module Four - Premium Pricing Your Dog Training Business

Successfully implementing premium pricing in your dog training business is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow you to make more money AND help more dog owners with your amazing dog training skills.

In this module Dom shows you how to increase your prices without losing clients and why charging higher prices for your services actually helps you attract more affluent clients AND make it more likely that your clients will follow through with the training you give them.

Module Five - Recap 

In this module Dom summerises the 3 main marketing principles taught in this course.

Bonus Storytelling Module - Part One 

This bonus module comes straight from the Poodle to Pitbull Dog Trainers business bootcamp. Dom shares the power of using storytelling to help you to market your dog training business.

In this module you will learn the power of having and using your 'core story' in your marketing.

Bonus Module Storytelling - Part Two 

This is part two of the storytelling bonus lecture from the Dog Trainers Business Bootcamp in 2018. In this lecture you will learn how to tell your story in your marketing and use your dog's, family, and clients as characters in your origin story