Emma Chadwick Testimonial

Back in May 2018, I made the best decision I have ever made. I attended Dom Hodgson’s Poodle to Pitbull Bootcamp. I hadn’t started my dog business then but wanted to come to meet the man himself and all these amazing pet business owners that I was so awestruck by (oh and also to give me the kick up the arse that I needed to start the damn thing!).               

Well I never thought it would have such an impact on me as it did. Throughout the entire weekend with presentations from Dom, Vicky Fraser & Alex Wardle; my faith in starting a business grew. But I was not just going to start any ole cheap rates, dawdle round the park kind of dog walking business. Oh nooooo! I was going to begin a business unlike any other in Shropshire; a premier dog adventure walks and running business.

From the bootcamp I came to realise my own self-worth and to believe in myself and what I would be offering. Dom and the gang gave me the confidence to have premium prices and to understand the importance of onboarding your potentials, email/video marketing (by storytelling), being specialised, inaccessible and the expert.

I honestly cannot thank Dom and the team (including everyone who attended the bootcamp) enough for the self-confidence you gave to me that hot weekend in May. My business ‘Dog Jogs & Adventures’ is now booming and I am already thinking about quitting my other part-time job. So if you’re thinking of attending Dom’s IMPACT bootcamp in April then do it. You won’t regret it for a second.

Emma Chadwick, Dog Jogs & Adventures