Testimonial 2

I wasn’t sure whether or not to go to the bootcamp. Not because I wasn’t convinced it’d be amazing, but because I’d just spent a small fortune re-branding and was concerned it was going to be to much of a strain on my finances. 

Then I had a moment of total clarity – I couldn’t afford NOT to go!

I’d been through Dom’s ’33 ideas’, attended a couple of his seminars and am part of the Inner Circle. I have implemented his advice previously and it always works – ALWAYS! So why was I even considering missing this opportunity?? It was nuts! So I booked my place with minutes to spare and am so glad I did!

The bootcamp was amazing. Not just the content, Dom himself and his fabulous guest speakers – but just being surrounded by so many inspirational, motivated and brilliant people in the pet business was priceless!

I now have a clear plan of where I’m going and how I’m going to get there and I’m ready to grab the crown of ‘Edinburgh’s premium dog walking business’. Thank you Dom, yet again you’re my hero!

Tammie Kirk, Clan Canines, Edinburgh

Image of Tammie at the 2018 Pet Business Bootcamp