Six Reason you Should use Event Marketing to Grow your Pet Business!


‘Can we do all again next weekend?’

‘Can’t wait until next year!’

Those were just come of the comments I received after the recent IMPACT 2019 event.

As you know, I’ve done lots of events over the last four years. I’ve ran three successful pet business bootcamps, and I regularly tour the U.K travelling from Aberdeen to Dorset delivering seminars.

However, I started off much smaller than this by just running ‘get together’ events for my best clients, and ‘drop in’ dog training clinics in my local community centre.

Now, ‘event marketing’ a key pillar in my promotion strategy all year round.  Social media and online marketing has its place, but you simply can’t beat the powerful relationship building that occurs during a face-to-face event, this certainly proved to be the case at IMPACT 2019, even those attendees who have been to several of my events in the past said this one topped the lot.

So, why was it so successful and why have almost all the attendees already booked up for IMPACT 2020?

Well, I’ve gone through the testimonials from the attendees, and I’ve narrowed it down to six great reasons that will hopefully convince you to put on an event to promote your pet business.

Powerful demonstration – Events are a great way for you to demonstrate your expertise. This could be your own event, or a demonstration at another business in your town who already serves the type of clients who would be a great fit for you. A face to face demonstration helps speed up the know, like, and trust process which all prospects need go through before they buy from you. Seeing really is believing. Speaking about your product or service also forces you to really think about why you are different and better, and speaking is a great confidence booster, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone…

Me demonstrating with Sid the Cocker

Forge deeper connections– In this ever connected world we live in, it’s very easy to hide behind a social media profile and think you are doing effective marketing, when actually this isn’t the case at all. Often we revert to social media marketing simply because it’s ‘what everyone else is doing’, and it’s incredibly easy. But, easy doesn’t mean effective, and the fact is, less than 1% of people who like your Facebook business page will actually see your Facebook posts, so ignore the ‘social media gooroos’ who encourage you to spend more time on social media (They only do that because they don’t know about any of the ‘renegade’ marketing methods I teach in the PBIC…)

Build a community, not just a business –I think of my clients as members, not just customers, and they also feel that way. In the testimonials many people talked about being in ‘Dom’s World’ for a long time, that’s very intentional on my part, and my events allow me to do that. My PBIC members like feeling they are part of something much bigger than just a business and marketing group. I do too. My events allow me to put lots of successful, ambitious pet business owners together in one room, where they share stories and experiences which allows them to connect and feel part of the amazing community of like-minded business owners which I have created. 

Ambitious dog walkers from all over the U.K coming together at one of my bootcamps

Stepping out of the business – Running a business is tough, we can all agree on that. Often you are the accountant, cleaner, admin assistant and promotions chief, as well being the guy/gal who delivers the service. And because it’s so ‘full on’ and you are constantly running on the business hamster wheel, it can be so easy to slip into a routine that is neither productive or beneficial. Getting ‘fresh eyes’ on your business from an outsider can be a huge help, but the first step should be for you to step away from your business now and again. This gives you a chance to think clearly about what you are doing, and if you are being effective. Your event will give your prospects and customers a chance to step out of their usual routine too, even if they don’t buy from you straight away, they will remember the value they got from attending your demonstration.

Establish expert status – Speaking from the stage and writing books have been two game changes for my business. Experts are read about and listened too, and so having the guts to get up and speak in front of even a small crowd, almost instantly positions you as an expert in your field. The only caveat to that is to make sure you really are an expert before you stand up and speak. If you’ve been in business for any length of time then the chances are you are already an expert.. Much like a becoming an author, speaking at an event will open doors for you that you currently can’t even see. I’ve already had invitations to speak at other events all because people have seen me speaking at my own gig.

An event can also be recorded and turned into a product

Create a memorable experience – One thing almost guaranteed to happen with your event is the attendees will remember it. No-one remembers a tweet, or a Facebook post, or even a blog, but they will remember the ‘experience’ you provide for them at an event. With a bit of thought and creativity you can create a feel-good factor around your business, and encourage the all-important but elusive ‘word of mouth’ that all businesses thrive on.  I maximised and monetised the feel good factor from my event by selling tickets for next years IMPACT event . Indeed, I have sold more tickets for next years event (IMPACT 2020) as I have for this years, and it isn’t happening until 2020!

Check out the testimonial video below to see what the attendees thought about the event.

So, there you go. My six big takeaways , and six important reasons why you should introduce some face-to-face ‘event marketing’ into your pet business plan.

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