So, you’re thinking of applying to join my Platinum Mastermind?

That’s commendable, although it’s not a given I’ll accept you and there’s an Application Process you have to get through before you join us.

  • First… complete the Application below. At this point you’ll also tender your Application Fee. (I’ll refund this immediately if I don’t accept your application; if I do accept it, then it’ll count as your first month’s dues).
  • I’ll review it and usually get back to you within 48 business hours.
  • If I think you may be a suitable candidate, you’ll then receive a link where you can fill in your full Platinum Compatibility Questionnaire. This is not negotiable and your full PCQ will give me powerful insights into your values and how likely you are to fit into the group AND follow through with the work you need to do.
  • If your results from the Platinum Compatibility Questionnaire are positive I’ll invite you to join me for a telephone interview.
  • If you get through the Interview I’ll offer you a place in Platinum; if I don’t, then I’ll decline your Application and refund your Application Fee.
  • If you earn your place in Platinum then you’ll begin as a Probationary Member, and have to complete three months as a Probationer before you I decide whether to grant you Full Membership.

NOTE: I'm currently going through the
process of registering for VAT but haven't yet.

This mean you can lock in your membership at the current rate of £297 per month. For anyone who joins Platinum after December 15th 2019 the monthly fee will be increased by 20% due to VAT, that's for new members, NOT for you. You can also arrange to cover your dues by Direct Debit if you don’t want to use your card. Again, Email Beth for details.

Fill in the application below and don't be shy. There are not right or wrong answers, only the truth.

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