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Calling All Dog Walkers!

Do you want to 'level-up' your dog handling skills so you return from lockdown with a superior service to your competition?

Do you love the dogs in your care but wish you had more control of them? Do you struggle to maintain control of the ever-growing pack of dogs you look after?

Is your lack of practical dog training knowledge holding you back from offering better (and more premium) services? Do you need more dog training knowledge but don’t have the time to do a degree in canine physiology?

I hear you.


I know what it’s like to love the dogs in my care, but feel inadequate when it comes to handling and safely exercising them off lead.

I remember like it was yesterday.

I was about six months into my new business journey and had built up a loyal group of clients who owned fantastic dogs. The only problem was, I had no control of them.

As soon as I let them off lead they would play, chase and roughhouse each other. I was invisible to them.

I was frustrated with myself because I felt incapable of delivering a great service, and I was genuinely scared that one day I would lose a dog, and with it lose my dream business.

I decided enough was enough and so went on a long and expensive dog training education that changed my life and my business forever.

I learned from some of the world’s leading dog trainers how to play, train and entertain the dogs in my care (as well as my own dogs).

Then I spent two years practising and perfecting my dog training methods with my own and my client’s dogs. Pretty soon, stressful walks were a thing of the past. I could finally say I was delivering a better service, and running a more professional (and profitable ) business than all my competitors.

I could finally say I was living and loving my dream job.

What I perfected on those adventures became the philosophy that went into my bestselling book ‘How to be Your Dog’s Superhero’, what I taught online in my Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle and what I taught on my seminar tour of the UK last year.

And with the Professional Dog Walkers Academy, I’ve put together the very best of all my training videos and ‘behind the scenes’ training from my adventures over the last five years. Now any ambitious, responsible dog walker can discover the dog handling skills that helped me take my little dog walking business in Sunderland, and transform it into the UK’s Number one dog adventure company.

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What do your clients want?

Most of your clients don’t need a dog trainer. They need to know they can trust someone with their most prized possession, their dog.  They want to know their dog will get exercise, and be happy and safe when they are out on walks with you. And that’s exactly what you will learn how to do inside the ‘Professional Dog Walkers Academy’.

What you get inside the Professional Dog Walkers Academy

How to find your dog’s Kryptonite

Online course. This is one of my most popular training courses. The concept of ‘finding the kryptonite’ (i.e. the thing your dog loves above all else) has changed the lives of dog owners all over the world. What you learn in this course will help you quickly bond and connect with any dog (or puppy) in your care.

How to play with your dog - Online course

Learning how to  play with my own and my client's dogs was the catalyst for all the success that followed with my business. The dog and walker who play together, stay together. No more losing sleep stressing about how you will maintain control of the dogs you look after. Once you discover the power of play, you will never look back.

You also get full and immediate access to two ‘look over my shoulder’ training courses that allow you to join me on one of our famous dog adventures, and see exactly how we do it…

The first is ‘Worry Free Walks’.

This is a 7 module course that shows you how to plan (and carry out)  a perfect dog walk. You will learn;

How to survive a trip to the dog park. Never again will you need to worry about your dog running away to find something more interesting than you. The key to a successful trip to the dog park is in the preparation.

How to get your dog's attention laser locked onto you using food and toys. If you want your dog to follow you around the park then you need to be more interesting to him, Dom makes that very easy for you to do.

How to turn the busy dog park into a calm haven you actually enjoy visiting. As well playing games, I will show you some less strenuous activities you can do with your dog, that will keep him calm and relaxed. So you can be calm and relaxed too

The second ‘look over my shoulder’ training is ‘How to enjoy Safe and Stimulating Group Walks’.

Is it really possible to maintain a high level of safety with a group of dogs? Yes, it is! If you follow the easy plan of action, I lay out in this course. If you are doing group dog walks (and if you want to earn maximum money from your business then you should be doing them) then you have to get the unique, hands-on practical training I share in this course.

You also get access to the ‘Game Zone’ where I show you how to play three fun games that will keep the dog’s in your care laser-focused on you. These are games you can also share with your dog walking clients that will help them improve their relationship with their dog.

And that’s not all because you also get access to;

How to be Your Dog’s Superhero - Seminar Highlights.

In 2017 I toured the UK with my How to be Your Dog’s Superhero Seminar, which we filmed and you can see the highlights of now. In this hour-long seminar I explain (and demonstrate with Sidney) how I transformed myself from loser dog walker to my dogs superhero.

  And my ‘Clicker Free Trick Training Course’ 

In this course, I show you how to teach any dog FIVE simple tricks that will help you bond and connect with a dog so you can become that trusted friend you clients want you to be to their precious pooch.

Once you sign up to the Professional Dog Walkers Academy I'll send you three Canine Coaching Chronicles (worth £39.99 each)

You get full and immediate access too;

The audio versions of ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero: Transform your dastardly dog using the power of play’  AND my pet business bible 'Walk Yourself Wealthy: The quick easy and no BS guide to transform  your passion for pooches into an insanely profitable and fun dog walking empire'.  This means you can listen and learn while you are driving to your dog appointments.

And that’s not all, because I am also going to send you three  issues of the ‘Canine Coaching Chronicle’. The Chronicle is the 12 page 5000 word newsletter that has only ever been seen by the members of my Superhero Dog Owners Inner Circle.

The three issues are;

Dog Ownership 101 - Why it’s all about safety for you and your dog

  • Discover exactly what the dog in your care needs to be happy (4 simple things).
  • How to conduct a safety audit for you and your dog.(so you can enjoy stress-free walks)
  • How I made Barry a happier dog by becoming a more selfish owner.
  • The boring but life-changing lessons I learned from dog trainers all over the world.

“How to plan and execute stress-free walks with a dog who only ever wants to be with YOU.”

  • How to prepare your dog for a great walk and warm him up before you leave the house.
  • How to build a routine of activities that will keep your dog glued to your side at the park.
  • The essential equipment you need to take with you if you want to enjoy a stress-free walk with your dog.
  • How to decide the difference between what’s important and urgent with your dog training.

“The Scent Work Sessions Part One – Transform your disinterested dog into a full-on scentwork specialist.”

  • Learn how your dog’s amazing nose works and why all good dog owners should do nosework.
  • Discover some easy food and toy searching games any dog can do.
  • Teach your dog how to indicate on explosives, narcotics and cash (or just plain old lavender oil if that’s all you have to hand).
  • Turn any meal time into a treasure hunt in the home.

And as well as the Chronicles you will also receive 3 one hour audio CD’s where I share more actionable and practical dog training.

The Dog’s Nose

This is a recording of a webinar I did with my dog training mentor David Davies. Dave is a dog training and scent work expert and in this recording, Dave and I talk through how you can (and should) be engaging your dog’s with easy scent work games.

The Five things every responsible dog walker should do.

Get these FIVE key activities and any dog in your care will look to you like you are their superhero.

80/20 Dog Training

How to do more of what works so you can get more focus and have more control

So, what’s the cost for all this?

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Individually, all of the courses and bonuses offered here would cost more than £679 but I’m not even asking half that amount.

I want every dog walker and pet sitter to have the same opportunity as I have to enjoy safe, stimulating and stress-free walks, so I’m placing the investment at a very reasonable £157.

If you have a promotional discount code then add it when you get to the checkout and it will reduce the fee straight away. Don't delay. Get the only dog walkers education package you need!

To recap, you will receive...

10 hours of ‘look over my shoulder’ training including;

'Worry Free Walks’, ‘Safe and Stimulating Dog Walks’, ‘How to find your dog’s Kryptonite’ and ‘Clicker Free Trick Training’ and the ‘Game Zone’ . This shows you the exact same training methods I used to turn my business into the UK’s number 1 dog adventure company.

The highlights of my ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ seminar.

Three bonus Canine Coaching Chronicles (12-page newsletters) and three 60 minute audio CDs.

A signed paperback copy AND full and immediate access to the audio versions of my two bestselling books

How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero: Transform your dastardly dog using the power of play’ and ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy : The quick, easy and no BS guide to transform your passion for pooches into an outrageously profitable and fun dog walking empire’.

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