Welcome to the Pet Business Inner Circle Teleclass Vault! 

The PBIC has been in existence since August 2017 which means there is a lot of content for you to access, over 20 hours worth!  To get the most out of this amazing resource these teleclasses should be listened and re-listened to, many times.

If you really want to kick on with your business and master marketing then you need to be a serious student of marketing and business. This means fully understanding all of the fundamentals I talk about in these teleclasses. All of these teleclasses are entertaining and educational, and you can listen at home or on the move in your car. I'm basically making impossible for you not to move forward, but it won't happen by magic.

I'm opening the vault and also opening the path to a better business, it's up to you to walk through...

Please start by listening to the PBIC induction audio first (below) then feel free to treat this section like a buffet, and listen to whatever audio you think will help you most with your current challenges. But, you to get the most value you shouldn't listen to all of them eventually. 

Get stuck in and if you have any questions please post them up in the google discussion group.

*START HERE* - Welcome to the PBIC 

This is the induction teleclass. This will explain exactly what the PBIC is all about and how you can move forward quickly with your marketing so you get the most value from your membership.

PBIC Teleclass - How to Create Killer Content

Teleclass - Big Business Ideas for Small Business Owners

Onbaording Teleclass (part one) - How to expertly 'onboard' your clients 

Onbaording Teleclass (part two) - How to sell more to new clients


Guest Teleclass - Polarising Personality Marketing with Paul Mort

Guest Teleclass - Book Publishing with Bill Goss 

Guest Teleclass - Money Mindset with Vicki La bouchardiere

Guest Teleclass - Attitude Adjustment with Jon McCulloch

Guest Teleclass - Staffing Systems With Kat Smith 

Guest Teleclass - Language and Communication with Julian Northbrook

Guest Teleclass - StoryTelling with Vicky Fraser 

Guest Teleclass - Your Customers Video Journey with Alex 'The Video Guy' Wardle

Bonus Teleclass - 'Big Takeaways' discussion from the Poodle to Pitbull 2017

Bonus Teleclass - Highlights from the Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Dog Walkers Bootcamp 2018

Bonus Teleclass - Highlights from the How to Be Your Dog's Superhero seminar

Bonus Teleclass - Live Q and A from the PBIC Christmas Party 2018

PBIC Teleclass - 14 reasons why you should write a book with Vicky Fraser and Dom Hodgson 


PBIC Teleclass - How to write copy that overcomes objections and makes price irrelevant with Mike Samuals'


PBIC Teleclass - 'How to start, grow, expand and franchise your business with Teresa Payne'


PBIC Teleclass -Tax Talk For Pet Businesses with Lorraine ellison (Dom's Accountant) and Dom Hodgson 


PBIC Teleclass -2019 Review with Alex Wardle and Dom Hodgson - What went well in 2019???


PBIC Jan 2020 Teleclass - A chat with North East Festival Organiser Rebecca Ashworth

PBIC Feb 2020 Teleclass - A business Catch up with Julian Northbrook (One Year Later)


PBIC March 2020 Teleclass - How to Conquor the Seven Deadly Sins of Distraction with Dom Hodgson




PBIC April 2020 Teleclass - Business Banter with Bill Goss (Publishing Expert)


PBIC May 2020 Teleclass - A Leaving Lockdown Plan of Action with Dom Hodgson


PBIC June 2020 Teleclass - A Leaving Lockdown Plan of Action with Dom Hodgson


PBIC June 2020 Teleclass - A Leaving Lockdown Plan of Action with Dom Hodgson


PBIC June 2020 Teleclass - A Leaving Lockdown Plan of Action with Dom Hodgson


PBIC JulY 2020 Teleclass - The Power of 80/20 How to get more Shit done in your pet business 


PBIC August 2020 Teleclass - Goal setting for winners and a Summer plan of action!


PBIC september 2020 Teleclass -how to network your way to a successful business!



PBIC Bonus October 2020 Teleclass - Chat with Lorraine Ellison Doms Accountant!



PBIC BONUS Teleclass - A Pandemic Pet Business Chat with The Platinum Punks


PBIC BONUS Teleclass - A Puppy Chat with IMPACT keynote Speaker Amy smith


PBIC Teleclass February 2021 - Case Study - A Deep Dive behind the Diamond Doors

PBIC Teleclass May 2021 - Disney-fy your Pet Business Teleclass with Vance Morris