Welcome to the Pet Business Inner Circle Bonus Area 

Here you'll find a bunch bonus videos, seminars and training extracts from the last three years.

How to be Your Dog's superhero Seminar Highlights 

This is the seminar highlights from the HTBYDS seminar which toured the UK in 2017

Highlights from the 2018 Dog Walkers Business Bootcamp 

This is the highlights from the 2018 Dog Walkers Business Bootcamp. Remember, as a Diamond member you get full access to the full recordings from the 2017, May 2018, and Oct 2018 pet business bootcamps. To apply for Diamond, email Beth on hello@packleaderdogadventures.co.uk and request an application form.

Podcast Q and A from the October 2018 Dog Trainers Business Bootcamp


Bonus - The Welcome Presentation from the 2017 Business Bootcamp


Poodle to Pitbull Pet business Podcast - What to do about Shitty reviews

In this module Dom summerises the 3 main marketing principles taught in this course.

Teleclass Extract - Why you need to invest in Your business (and join a mastermind like Diamond) 


Bonus - Uniqueness Exercise from the 2018 Dog Walkers Business Bootcamp

This is part two of the storytelling bonus lecture from the Dog Trainers Business Bootcamp in 2018. In this lecture you will learn how to tell your story in your marketing and use your dog's, family, and clients as characters in your origin story