Welcome to the the recordings from the inaugural 2019 IMPACT event.  

IMPACT was actually a three day event which consisted of 'PBIC Friday', 'Main Event Saturday' and 'Sundays Day with Dom' when we did some 'HOT SEATS'. Here you get access to all of the presentations from the 'Main Event' Saturday. This includes my opening 'Pet Business Prescription', Stephen Cravens Facebook adverts presentation, Rachel Spencer talking about 'Publicity for Pet Businesses', Alex Wardle doing 'Start showing up on Video', and Vicky Frasers talking about 'Why you SHOULDn't write a book. And a couple of bonuses too;

BONUS ONE - On Sundays Day with Dom I did my legendary 'How I did that' presentation. In this exclusive presentation I shared the 7 BIG IDEAS that have taken me from being a local dog walker, to an industry leader. This presentation alone is worth you IMPACT recordings fee.

BONUS TWO - On PBIC Friday I first floated an idea to cycle between rescues centres all round the U.K. You'll see exactly how the event that became the 'Tour de Rescue' was born.

BONUS THREE - I'm also giving you access to the 2019 Grow Your Pet Business FAST! Seminar. I toured the country delivering this seminar and it's been responsible for launching/transforming so many pet businesses.

Please watch the recordings in order, but first check out the highlights reel...

IMPACT 2019 Highlights Reel 

What went down at 'IMPACT 2019' Get a two minute taster here...

PRESENTATION one Dom Hodgson - Welcome to IMPACT 'The Pet business Prescription'

Presentation Two Stephen Craven - How to use FB adverts to grow your Pet Business 

Presentation Three - Publicity for Pet Business Owners with Rachel Spencer


Presentation Four Alex Wardle - Start Showing Up On Video

Presentation Five Vicky Fraser - Why You SHOULDN'T (or should) Write a Book!

IMPACT BONUS ONE Dom Hodgson - How I did That Presentation from Day 3

IMPACT BONUS TWO Dom Hodgson - Mission Marketing, 'Operation Wheels' Presentation

IMPACT BONUS THREE Dom Hodgson - The 2019 Grow Your Pet Business FAST Seminar Part One 

IMPACT BONUS THREE Dom Hodgson - The 2019 Grow Your Pet Business FAST Seminar Part Two

Bonus Module -  The Extended Highlights and Review of IMPACT 2019 with Dom Hodgson and Alex Wardle

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