Welcome to the the recordings from the 2018 'Dog Trainers' business bootcamp.  

Over the two days of the bootcamp I laid out a fool-proof business plan that any dog trainer can use to position themselves at the 'leading expert' in your town so you can dominate your local area. Please watch the recordings in order, but first check out the highlights reel...

Bootcamp Taster Highlights Reel 

What went down at the 'Dog Trainers' Business Bootcamp? Get a taster here...

Module one - Welcome to the Dog Trainers bootcamp

In this module Dom lays out what's in store for the attendees over the next two days, and why the current dog trainers business model is dead!

Module Two - The uniqueness exercise and Niching in your dog training business

Dom starts by talking about niching down and giving yourself a title, something you can be known for, and known as. This makes is easy for dog owners in your town to find you, and know what your superpowers are.

Module Three - Book Writing with Vicky Fraser

In this presentation Dom shows why all successful dog trainers are authors, and then Vicky Fraser walks the attendees through how they can write their own book (and you can too!)

Module Four - Book Writing with Vicky Fraser - Part Two

This is the second half of Vicky's presentation when she talks through the 'nuts and bolts' of how to write your book.

Module Five - Day Two - Recap of Day One, and an overview of the customer journey.  

This is the start of day two and we begin with a quick recap to find out attendees biggest takeaways from day one. Dom also charted the customer journey your prospects  go on BEFORE they buy from you.

Module Six - Day Two - Why you need to own your own media 

Why you need to do events and speak to enhance and cement your expert status as a dog trainer. Dom also shares his 'newsletter' swipefile.

Module 7 - Mission Marketing, why you need to have a cause and create a club

The most successful dog trainers have a cause or a mission they are passionate about promoting. This helps build a deep bond with their clients. If you can create a 'club' with 'members' then your clients will never leave...

Module 8 - Video Marketing with Alex Wardle 

Dom talks through the next trait of super successful dog trainers and Alex show you how to create your own media.

Module 9 - Summary of the seven traits and presentation

Dom recaps the seven traits of highly successful dog trainers.

Bonus Module -  The video of the LIVE Q and A which we also released as an episode of the podcast.

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