If you are a dog trainer who is losing clients due to the Coronavirus outbreak, if you are desperate help dog owners in your town but that’s impossible due to self-isolation, if you would like to move your dog training services ‘online’ but you don’t know how, and if you are feeling lost, confused and worried you might not even have a viable dog training business in six months time, then please read this message…

Can your dog training business survive the Covid-19 outbreak?

Yes it can!

But, only if you adapt to the new working restrictions and living practices we now face during this outbreak.

The truth is, all dog trainers should be offering some ‘online’ version of your services.

It’s an excellent way to leverage all the many hours you’ve spent becoming an expert dog trainer.

Well, that is what I would have said two-weeks ago.

Now, providing an online offering is essential, IF you want your training business to survive this crises, and thrive in the future.

This is going to require BIG changes in the way you teach AND market your dog training business.

If you are an ‘old school’ dog training dinosaur who is too lazy and stuck in your ways to adapt to new ways of working, then please close this page down now.

The dog trainers who survive this will be those who are more pro-active, resilient, and tenacious.

Look, I know passionate about, and love dogs. I mean LOVE them. If you are anything like me you probably prefer them to people.

And I know you are passionate about dog training and like nothing better than ‘geeking’ out with your dog training collegues.

However, I have a brutal truth to hit you with today

All of the courses, seminars and workshops that you’ve been on in the past will not save you now.

The only thing that is going to get you through this unprecedented and terrifying time is your ability to market your dog training skills and services to the dog owners who still need your help.

See, that’s the good news here.

Reactive dog owners, puppy owners, those with recall problems, and all the other problem dog owners out there still need your help.

Those problems haven’t gone away.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out how to protect your current business, help your existing clients, pivot your business so you can provide new services that help distressed dog owners deal with this strange and scary situation, AND position yourself as an expert in your local canine community so you come out of the downturn with a dog training business that’s ready to thrive.

Fortunately, I made that process much easier with the creation of The Dog Trainers Corona-crises Survival Toolkit.

Why you need MY help right now.

For the last three years I’ve been helping dog trainers to transform their businesses so they go from being a local ‘skint’ no-body, to being seen as dog training ‘experts’ whose premium services are highly sought after.

Those trainers are now well placed to ride out this storm. You however, are probably not so well equipped.

I know what works, I know what doesn’t and I know what you need to do right now, to keep your dog training dream alive.

I started my first ‘premium’ business in the middle of the last recession, so I know how to get you through this.

Dom the Award Winning Dog Trainer

This is not the time to lock yourself away, and hope everything will be ok.

That’s what your competition are doing, and that is why many of them will fail to carry their business through this awful reality.

But there is a way to ensure your dog training business and that’s what I will be teaching on my ‘Dog Trainers Corona-Crises Survival Toolkit’.

If you are ready, and willing to work hard, then I would love it if you would join me.

In the 33 Idea’s I shared should give you a glimpse of what is possible for your business to achieve.

My ‘Grow Your Pet Business FAST!’ Seminar tells you ‘What’ you should be doing in your business.

In my pet business bibles ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’  and ‘The Ultimate Pet Business Plan’, I shared the marketing secrets you need to know if you want your business to not only be the best, but be seen as the best in your town.

And with the ‘Dog Trainers Corona-crises Survival Toolkit’ I’ll hold your hand and show you exactly ‘How’ to protect your current training business, position yourself as the ‘leading’ expert in your local town, create new services to help dog owners cope with self-isolation and social distancing,

So what is the Dog Trainers Corona-crises Survival Toolkit

It’s an 4 week intensive program specifically designed to get your dog training business through this unprecedented time.

Over a series of four weekly webinars I’ll show you how to stablize and protect your business, continue your classes and consults offline, and position yourself as a ‘local legend dog training expert’ in your community, so you can help dog owners through the stress of self-isolation, AND give them the on-going help they need with their doggy problems.

You will learn:

How to easily offer, or switch to online Consultations and ongoing ‘Packages’ with out using any complicated technology. You’ll up and running with a couple of days so you can serve your existing clients and protect current bookings.

How to Position yourself THE ‘local legend’ ‘expert dog trainer’ – at times like this people are looking for help, support and guidance from a trainer they can trust. This means you need to keep showing up and demonstrating your skills to to those who need them. I’ll show you how to

How to Niche down, and be seen an a ‘Specialist’ Dog Trainer – The days of being able to present yourself as a ‘general’ dog trainer are over, and it’s the dog trainers who niche down who will succeed, and more easily attract clients who see you as a perfect fit for them. I’ll show you how to turn your particular pooch passion into a profitable dog training career, where you are given the respect, recognition and reward your hard work deserves.

The Little Known Content Creation Trick that will get more ‘Eyes’ on your Business – Most dog trainers have no content strategy at all, which mean they spread themselves too thinly across lots of ineffective social media channels.  The way to ‘build a tribe’ is do the opposite of what all the other (skint, tired and depressed) dog trainers are doing. I’ve perfected the perfect Online/Offline marketing strategy that will make you easier to find, and will help you connect with more ‘local’ dog owners.

How to Send emails that successfully sell your new online services. Social media will be important during the Corona-crises but building an email list is vital to the long term success of your business. I’m the worlds leading email marketing expert within the pet industry, and I’ll show you how to send emails that sell your new services. Your competition won’t understand why you are implementing all the unconventional strategies you learn from me, and because they won’t know how to do it themselves they won’t be able to copy you.

How to introduce ‘Done for You’ Training services . This will enable you to give the most desperate dog owners the help they still need with their difficult dogs. Your clients wants ‘results’ and my ‘plug in’ done for you programs will provide the much needed ‘one to one’ help that many dogs need.

How to use referrals to get more clients – The easiest people to sell to are your existing clients and the next easiest people to sell to are people referred to you by your existing clients. I’ll show you how to implement a referral strategy that attracts more of the clients you want to work with.

How to build continuity into your dog training business.  Dog trainers have a unique problem in that they always need to find new clients. A client comes in, you help them, then they leave. I’ll show you how to introduce packages that smooth out your cash flow, and put an end to the feast and famine you regularly experience. Continuity is the holy grail and you will have a continuity implementation strategy for your future and current clients.

How to actually get shit done in your business. Time pressure is recurring issue, so I will be showing you the exact systems that will enable you to make the very most of all the time and money you have to invest in your business. These are the systems that took me from being a small dog walker in Sunderland to a published author, podcast host, industry expert and sought after national speaker. Don’t think for one minute you can’t do the same if you want to.

How to provide online services that dog owners in your town NEED. Most dog trainers make the huge mistake of . These can range from Skype calls, to full courses and membership clubs. I’ve done all of these and I will be sharing exactly how you can do the same thing with your business too.

Why this training is different to anything you’ve done before.

I’ll level with you friend, the situation with Coronavirus is unlike anything that’s ever happened before.

So quite simply, this is a brand new pet business program to help get you and your business through this unique situation.

Getting through this is going to require you to do things in your marketing and business that you’ve never done before.

It’s going to be scary, uncomfortable and not all businesses will survive.

Those that do survive will be the ones who quickly adapt to the new reality.

Luckily for you, I’m proficient with all online and offline media channels.

I know how to build a tribe of dog owners together, find out what they need, create services they want, and deliver them effectively online and offline.

So, what’s the investment?

My marketing consultations currently bill out at £397 an hour, so for the 4 live webinars you are effectively getting £1588 of mentoring and coaching from me.

However, I’m not asking for half, a quarter or even a tenth of that.

You can get full and lifetime access to this program for just £77 IF you secure your place before 10pm on Sunday 5th April.

Why so cheap?

Well, I care deeply about dogs too. I want dog owners to get the help they need from dog trainers, and I want as many dog trainers as possible to get through this terrible time.

I also understand that times are tough right now, and I feel this is the best way for me to help the dog trainers who are prepared to help themselves.

I’m also including three amazing bonuses worth an astonishing £512.

Amazing BONUS Number One:

Full Access to my ‘7 Day Video Kickstarter Program’. This will help get you over the hurdle of actually speaking into your phone or computer. If you are worried about technology and scared about showing up and putting yourself ‘out-there’ this bonus course will help get you over that.

VALUE: £197

Amazing BONUS 2

Amazing BONUS Number Two

1 Month Free inside my Pet Business Inner Circle. The PBIC is the place where you build a prosperous and impactful pet business, you’ll get access to the Gold rescources, your monthly 12 page Ledger, monthly 60 minute audio training, live monthly group Q and A sessions and the PBIC Private discussion group

VALUE£117 Bonus

Amazing BONUS Number Three

I’m also including 30 minutes (2 X 15 minutes) turbo coaching call with me. I’ve done hundreds of these calls, and I’ll be able to quickly identify what opportunities you are missing right now, AND I’ll give you a personal pet business prescription so you can keep teaching and earning during any self-isolation and lockdown period.

VALUE – £198

Total Value of Bonuses – £512.

This is the lifeline your business needs.

£1588 of personal pet business mentoring from me

£512 genuine value of bonuses

Just £77 IF you grab your place before 10pm on Sunday April 5th.

It’s not for everyone though…

I should stress now that the ‘Dog Trainers Corona-crises Survival Kit’ isn’t for everyone. It’s strictly for pet business owners who are;

  • Already knowledgeable and brilliant at the ‘thing’ you do. This is not a seminar where you will learn about dog behaviour. This is about taking the skills and knowledge you’ve been learning and practising for years and turning them into a profitable business.
  • Determined to succeed and have no preconceived notions of how things ‘should be done’. I can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t making the best use of the skills you already have and in your ‘bread and butter’ business there will be improvements you can make straight away that will more bacon on the table, instead of beans.
  • Willing to step on a few toes and ruffle a few feathers. Let’s be honest you can’t achieve premier positioning and sustain premium pricing by giving discounts and being everyone’s best friend. Everyone has opinions about your business but the only opinions that matter are your and the opinions of the people who are paying you money.
  • Willing to test strategies that leave you feeling very uncomfortable. Much of what I and the guest speakers teach you will leave you feeling shit scared. I mean, daily emails, firing customers, dropping services and turning business away. These are just some of the uncomfortable things I have done in my own pet business. Don’t for one minute think yours is any different. It’s not.
  • Willing to work hard and implement what you learn. This is not ‘just another course’ you can add to the list of online and in person seminars you’ve attended in the past. This is THE ONLY program you will ever do that will enable you to help more people AND make more money from your amazing dog training skills. But, you have to do the work. If you are the kind of trainer who is more interested in ‘likes’ and ‘Instagram hearts’ than you are in earning money and helping people then you should throw this letter in the bin immediately.

And if your cash flow is really tight, this isn’t for you either.

But if you’ve been doing ok business- wise and now feel lost and confused what to do next, if you feel like the walls are closing in around you, and you are afraid you won’t make it through the summer, and if you are willing to try new things so out so you have a short term lifeline, and a long term future for your dog training business then this exclusive program is for you;

However, time is not on your side, and you only have until 10pm on Sunday 5th April to secure your place at the launch price.

Don’t take my word for it either. Look at what these dog trainers have to say about working with me;

The Doggy Doctor Carol Clark has begun the process of repositioning herself as the canine consultant who helps struggling dog trainers deliver better training services. She’s delivered two sell out online courses to her list.

I’m so excited about this year: Promoting and running two online courses with two more lined up for the second half of the year. Publishing my fourth (and possibly fifth) books and running a series of intensive day and half day workshops and talks. So different from the days slogging through far too many weekly classes for little reward and only one day off each week pre-Dom

Or Claire Lawrence who is building on the success of her barking dog books with a 15 date tour of the U.K with her 3 Steps to Silence Seminar!

I’m super excited about 2020! Things are finally heading in the right direction and I couldn’t have done it without Dom’s valuable input and support.

Platinum member Tim Jackson has just had his first book published, and is introducing a membership scheme for his adventure daycare

Dom has made a huge difference to my business and I am amazed how much I have achieved with his help and enthusiasm over the past 6 months. I can’t wait for the next 6 months!

And Katie Guastapaglia built on the success of her ‘open fields day’ event last year and introduced a membership scheme, launched her Scentventure dog training program and began consulting to other field business owners.

It was 8.55am on Friday 31st January and I was a mess. Sure, I’d followed all of Dom’s advice about writing the sales page, creating packages, slick resources and content, I’d stuck to the plan and sent all the emails, had my last call with Dom and all of the Platinum Punks had wished me luck – but at this point I was on my own, and you never really know what to expect 5 minutes before the doors open to your brand new service, a service with no precedent anywhere else in the world, a game changing, potentially life changing service, do you? 8.56am an email comes though, ‘Hi, I’ve been checking the website all morning but I can’t sign up – please help, I’m desperate to join!!’ By the time I replied saying the doors would be open at 9am, my notifications were pinging off the scale. 100 members on launch day and that was only the beginning! Thank you Dom for pushing me forward and being able to visualise Club Dogwood before I could. It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone and try something big and new but having Dom’s support made it happen for me.

When you click on the button you’ll be taken to a page where you can input your details. As soon you complete that you’ll automatically get a confirmation email from me which contains more info about the program and your bonuses (including your IMPACT 2020 ticket)

This is not the time to sit on the fence, stick your head in the sand and ‘hope’ your business was survives. It’s the time for action.  I’ll give you the proven pet business plan your dog training business needs, and I’ll inject you with the confidence you are lacking so you can get through this incredibly difficult time.

You’ll get the first two webinars straight away and the third and fourth next week (LIVE)

See you in there.