Top Dollar Dog Training

Are you a dog trainer who is sick and tired of the feast and famine business model?

Do you lack the confidence to put yourself out there and do you consistently fail to get the results and financial rewards your skills deserve?

Do you spend sleepless nights worry about the future of your training business?

Has your dog training dream become a stressful job that only pays for your seminar habit?

If that sounds like you then read on because on March 1st I’ll be delivering a free online seminar where I’ll be sharing the ‘Five Golden Rules’ you must follow if you want a successful and sustainable pet business.

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In the exclusive ‘one-off’ training you’ll discover;

  • How to successfully promote your dog training superpower so you stand out from the competition
  • How to implement a ‘customer journey’ so you increase retention of clients
  • How to ‘Be Premium’ so you make more money with fewer clients, and work less hours.
  • How to have bigger IMPACT with your skills so you make a permanent
  • How to immediately be seen the leading ‘expert’ in your town (which makes your services more desirable AND profitable)

It can be soul destroying when you know you have the skills to make a difference in your community, but you lack the confidence and a clear marketing plan to ‘kickstart’ your business.

You won’t find the answer to your promotional problems in a Facebook group that’s filled with other ‘unsuccessful, skint and perpetually struggling dog trainers.

The training will be delivered LIVE by me, Dom Hodgson, Europes Leading Pet Business and Marketing Coach and the author of The Ultimate Pet Business Plan and Walk Yourself Wealthy. I’ve helped dozens of dog trainers to transform their businesses using my tried and tested marketing methods.

If you want to go from ‘local nobody’ to respected dog training expert whose skills are sought after by affluent dog owners in your town, then you NEED to be on this FREE TRAINING.

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Here’s what some dog trainers have said about my transformational business training;

“I’ve known Dom for a while now and we have chatted a lot about business and he has helped me out with my business. He also introduced me to Alex which created me a new, fun, exciting and profitable side to my business.

Dom’s a bit like marmite though you either love him or hate him. I think he’s great but I fucking hate marmite! My dogs also like him so that says a lot. To be honest even if you don’t like him, I’d still recommend you go on his Pet Business talk, he has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Business is his thing and he loves it, you can see that when you hear him speak. If you are feeling lost or struggling Dom will help you. His talk is great and gives you lots of motivation and ideas to get started, but the key is to take action and he’ll tell you about that too.

The dog training, dog walking, dog day care market is saturated at the moment and if you don’t step up your game you won’t survive. Dom can and will help you be the best!!’

Jane Arden, Waggawuffins Canine College

I was that seminar Junkie!

“In the first year of implementing Dom’s advice I saw positive change - better quality of clients, easier dogs and more turnover. We niched, we scrapped some services and we became the most expensive in the area. None of it was easy but it was more than worth it, something easy is rarely worth doing!

In the 2nd year although I had implemented lots of his advice, the cracks were starting to become apparent – I really needed to fix things behind the scenes.

It’s not been an easy road, I have lost clients, I have lost staff, I have worked my socks off, more than ever before to implement his advice, but short term slog for long term gain which I am seeing the benefits of. I have written my first book which has opened so many doors for me and realise my love for writing – something I now do a lot more of and will be even more as time goes on. Dom’s encouragement and advice led me to finally taking the plunge and making my business dreams and goals a reality.

I have been travelling the country this last year providing talks to not only dog owners but other pet professionals on my niche subject – Multidog households, not only have I finally grown the ladyballs to do this, I have actually enjoyed it! I have made hard decisions.

I still was the busy fool and became resentful of the mini empire I had built until the start of this year. At the beginning of the year I finally faced the music, I had been paying my team too much leaving me with nothing in the bank, only stress and a very long to do list and no time to myself – to the point where I had actually used my credit card to pay the teams wages for the week before Christmas. On the surface HH was looking like a very successful and premium service in our area, happy clients, dogs and team members… however I was the miserable business owner robbing peter to pay paul and getting increasingly more tired of the smile that was the lie. I had to announce another price increase and chat to my team about them taking a pay cut. That hardest thing I have had to do to date. The alternative was for them to be out of a job and my shut down the dog walking side of Hound Helpers as it was no longer viable and had not been for a number of years..

It had eaten up the savings.. and the credit card balance too. Although the team seemed to take it well and understood at the time shortly after two team members left, and took a number of clients with them. 8 months later although yes it’s been a very hard slog, I have better team members now, I have implemented protocols and written manuals for how HH does things, its streamlined the whole training process (so I’m not bodging and making a hash of training due to being too busy).

I’m not panicking how I’m going to pay the wages each week, and although overall turnover is down the profit margin has doubled! The turnover is on the rise despite having less clients. Clients, dogs and team are all happy and find life and service is easier and no surprises I’m a happy business owner, able to reinvest back into the business, giving me time to work on the business as well as in the business when needed. I have the time to support my team better now rather than chasing my tail trying to make ends meet. I have been able to launch new services and products, all while doing my normal one to one training sessions and doing all the things that come with being a business owner.

As a side note – for the trainers and aspiring trainers, I have a confession. I was THE seminar junkie! As many dog trainers do, we book more seminars, courses and workshops, we are hungry for more knowledge – and always with some hope that that next course will be what allows us to get more money in. In 2015 I went on over 30 courses!! I was regularly spending more money on courses than I was earning from my training.

I felt that I want good enough, that I needed more knowledge to make me a better trainer when in fact all I was doing was wasting time and money on most of them, while I a room full of ego driven trainers who would sit around and brag about how amazing they were, and lie about how successful the were (read how much they wish they were earning but were claiming to). This then made me feel very inadequate (because I believed them) while they tried to outshine each other with speak of quadrants and behaviour mod and training theory jargon which let’s face it does not make any sense to any pet dog owner we are hoping to help!

Asking for Dom’s help and getting a handle on what was an unhealthy addiction to seminars has been the best thing I could have done not only for my business but for my own dogs, my marriage, family and for my mental health & stress levels – and of course my bank balance.”

Sarah Bartlett KCAI CD R QIDTI , Author of ‘Another Pup?’ and owner of Hound Helpers Ltd

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