‘Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Profit Kickstarter 2021’

Do you struggle to make your therapy business stand out from the competition?

Are tired of wasting hours on social media every day trying to market your therapy business?

Do you lack the confidence to put yourself 'Out There' and connect with clients?

Are you sick of the feast and famine business model and crave a stable and rewarding income?

Are you fearful that your therapy business might not make it through 2021...?

Do You Need HELP Marketing Your Amazing Therapy Skills?

Then you need ‘Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Profit Kickstarter Program’ This is the ultimate marketing program specifically designed for animal therapists, or those just thinking about starting a career as a therapist.

Most pet business owners when they start their business look around at what everyone else is charging and and charge exactly the same, this is a huge mistake. If you are brilliant at 'the thing' you do, then you can (and should) charge premium prices. This program will show you how.

The Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Program is a brand new 4 week intensive program personally delivered LIVE by Toby Sherry, Emmet Practioner, and Dom Hodgson, the author of ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’, 'The Ultimate Pet Business Plan' and the Europe's leading Pet Business Coach.

Lets end 2021 with a proven pet business plan that will ensure you go from zero clients to fully booked!

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In The Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Program You Will Learn...

  • How to connect and sell with your story - Your story sells and connects with animal owners in your town.
  • How to position your therapy business as the natural choice for treatment - I'll show you how to educate prospects WITHOUT boring and confusing them.
  • How to overcome the skepticism about your therapy services and reassure people you can help them
  • How to increase your prices without losing clients -Low prices attract low quality clients I will show you how to avoid that in your business.
  • How to quickly and easily create online and offline marketing materials that effortlessly 'sell' your therapy services.
  • How to turn your passion for pooches into a steady, sustainable, successful business.
  • How to create your own newsletter - This enables you to get off waste of time social media channels

These are the exact same marketing techniques I've taught to many Animal therapists who were struggling just like you....

The Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Kickstarter program consists of 4 LIVE webinars of powerful business training which will transform your therapy business.

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

Here’s what some of the recent Animal Therpists had to say about my program;

"I have spent most of my marketing effort In the last few years, on Social Media platforms, enjoying playing with design and getting the name of my therapy out there. At the beginning, this effort had impact but with changes in algorithms and trying to keep up with it all, it was refreshing to hear Dom talk about using Paper and Ink as a medium for marketing at the online Inspire conference.

Perfect timing to review what I was handing out to clients - they were all boring and fairly traditional, with very few being taken out of their acrylic holders in my waiting room! I can go back now confident in my marketing materials, ready for a re-launch to my fledgling dog therapy business post Covid Lockdown. 

Thanks to Dom’s experience and support, I have completed a Newsletter, service menu, brochure, postcards and plans for putting together a welcome pack for new clients. The great thing is that I can take elements of each for posting on social media too.  So a double whammy.

It was four weeks of planning, designing, drafting and re-drafting. Everything is now at the printers and will be ready to distribute next week. 

It will be great to have marketing materials that I am proud to hand out and that people will be happy to read and not instantly bin.

Thank you Dom for your honesty and insight into what makes a business “stand out” from the crowd. 

Many thanks"

Judith Johnson - Emmet Practitioner

Thank you Dom for the GYPBF Profit Kickstarter program. It was really interesting and you have given me lots of great ideas to help improve things in the current competitive market. It is too early to say if it has made much difference yet as many of the clients are on holidays.  I am currently thinking of moving house to a new location next year, and I will have to re-launch my dog training when I get there, so now I feel more confident that I will be able to get off to a good start.’

Kenya Mullany

Break The Cycle

Far too many dog professionals become seminar junkies who spend all their time AND money on dog training CPD but invest nothing to improve their marketing knowledge.I know from bitter experience this is a waste of time. It’s time for you to break that cycle and start building the business you always wanted.

This 'Therapy Business Kickstarter' will give you a proven business plan that will ensure 2021 is your best year yet!

Let Dom and Tony help you transform your business with the ‘Grow Your Animal Therapy Business FAST! Profit Kickstarter Program'

Get Your Kickstarter
Pay in 2 instalments