Are you worried if your pet business will survive another lockdown? 

Are you lacking a proven plan to help you during the pandemic? 

The Pet Biz Wiz has the 'proven' solution you are looking for...

Will my pet business survive another lockdown?

That is the question keeping dog walkers, trainers, groomers and daycare owners awake at night.

Without a doubt this it is going to be a tricky end to whats been a terrible year, but there's hope for you and your pet business.

See, unlike travel, hospitality and retail the pet industry has a lot going for it.

Dog owners love their dogs just as much as they did before lockdown, and they'll continue to spend money on services they think will make their dogs happy and their lives easier.

However, the uncertainty of lockdown and peoples fast changing employment and health situations means there is less money available AND less immediate need for a lot of dog services.

The secret to survive (and thrive) in bad times is to ensure your pet business is the one dog owners in your town want.

Unfortunately not all pet businesses will survive this pandemic, and only the smart, savvy, proactive pet business owners will get through this?

Will you be one of them?

Well, you'll greatly increase your chances if you grab my Pet Business Lockdown Recover Plan, which is available for just £19 until Sunday 8th November. 

Check out what you get in this business boosting bundle below;

  • Resource number One

    12 page Pandemic Proof Pet Business Plan – This is the exact same ‘flight-plan’ I shared with my PBIC members when the last lockdown happened. In it I share my ‘protect and serve’ recipe that will help you build deep connections with your clients so they keep using your services – VALUE £49

  • Resource Number Two

    The Leaving Lockdown Roadmap – Here I share my personal action plan to help you successfully ride out AND leave the lockdown in a better position than your competitors.There’s also a Paper and Ink Promotions special. Value £47

  • Resource Number Three

    Pet Business Recession Rescue Plan – Look Over My Shoulder Audio Training – In this exclusive 60 minute audio training only previously shared with my private clients, I share the key marketing activities you need to implement to ride out the upcoming recession  VALUE £97

  • Resource Number Four

    [Audio Training] How to spot hidden pet business opportunities during a pandemic – In this exclusive training (previously only shared with my Diamond Coaching Clients) I share how to plan for profit after lockdown – VALUE £147

  • Resource Number Five

    Exclusive BONUS Audio Training – How to quickly and easily switch to online dog training/teaching: This is a 60 minute ‘fast-start’ take your business online training, where I show you the simple way to switch to online training with no loss of sales. Value £47

The total Value of all five resources is a genuine £387, but you can get your mitts on everything for just £19 by clicking on the button below now.

Just simply input your details and you’ll immediately receive an email with the links to download the Lockdown Survival Plan, and the Leaving Lockdown Roadmap, and you'll be able to listen to the 3 exclusive audio training session (and I’ll even post you a BONUS CD,  The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Pet Business Owners Make)

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Fair warning, this is a one-time opportunity to 'protect' your pet business from any future LOCKDOWNs, and make sure your business is 'recession ready'.

This is the same training that helped many of my private clients to enjoy thier best month ever in August and September.

I got them through the last lockdown, and I'll help you get through this one.

These bonuses will show you the quick and easy wins you can implement straight away so you can get through the incredibly tough time.

I got your back with these bonuses.

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As with all my products, this offer comes with a FULL 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with this bonus bundle then you just email me at and I’ll refund every penny, and you don’t even have to send the book back.

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