Five Day Pet Business Booster Challenge

Get more Clarity, More Confidence and More Clients, in just five days…

Are you an amazing dog walker, trainer, groomer or daycare owner who sucks at marketing?Do you feel lost when it comes to promoting your business, and are you too scared to put yourself out there? Do you wish you had the confidence to show off your amazing skills and services?

Well, wish no longer Europes leading pet business mentor, Dom Hodgson will guide you through his brand new, FREE Five Day Pet Business Booster Challenge that will set you up for success in 2020.

Dom will take you by the hand and guide you through exactly what you need to do to make 2020 a runaway success for your pet business.

Fair Warning: This Pet Business Booster Challenge is NOT for senative snowflakes, or lazy people, and as hard as it might seem to believe, you will have to do some work. However, you’ll be following proven and practical pet business building strategies that will enable you to finally stand out from the competition, and establish you as a the premier pet professional in your town.

Dom will be sharing the secrets that took him from being a little local dog walker in Sunderland to an industry leader.

During the Five Day Pet Business Booster Challenge you will learn;

  1. How to identify your ‘ideal client’ who is a perfect fit for you. No more will you receive chavy FB messages that start with the dreaded words ‘How much do you charge….’ Eurgh!
  2. How to be ‘premium’ in a ‘discounted dog market’. The weird trick to having a successful and sustainable pet business, is to charge more than your competitors, and I’ll show you exactly how to do that.
  3. How to create a signature service that stands out from the competition like a Pitbull at a Pug party. You’ll NEVER stand out from the competition if you look AND sound the same as everyone else.
  4. How to create your own media so you aren’t wasting hours of your life on energy sapping social media platforms.
  5. How to work ‘smarter’ in your pet business so you can get more done AND have more time off.

Sound like something you need? Then input your deets below and I’ll add you to the group straight away. We start the Five day Pet Business Booster Challenge on 20th January. (That’s NEXT Monday. Eek!)

How the challenge works;

All will be fully revealed once you’ve signed up, but I intend  to make this the most productive week of your year by helping you three ways;

  • 1

    Exclusive Facebook Group

    As soon as you sign up, I’ll add you to the exclusive Five Day Pet Booster Business Challenge Facebook group. I’ll be doing several LIVE Posts in there each day as I walk you through the FIVE day challenge, AND you’ll hear from some of the industry leaders who have already been through my transformational training.

  • 2

    Email Support

    Email support from me throughout the week. I appreciate not everyone can (or should) be on social media all day. That’s why I’ll be sharing all of the content with you in my world famous daily emails. You can save these and read at your leisure.

  • 3

    Exclusive Webinar

    When you sign up for the challenge you’ll also be registered for an exclusive LIVE webinar I’m delivering on Sunday 19th January. In this webinar I’ll be tying together everything that I covered in the five day challenge, and answering any questions too. There are strictly 100 places available for the LIVE webinar so please register your place ASAP.

What are you waiting for?

Enter your details below and let’s get you on the fast track to success with your pet business.

See what these pet professionals have to say about working with me;

See what these pet professionals have to say about working with me;

“After signing up for Doms 33 ideas emails series and getting to know him a little, I realised he was the kind of person I wanted to work with.

His no nonsense, jargon free way of talking gets straight to the point about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to improve your business and make more money.

It was a no brainier that I signed up to Doms webinars, to be part of his inner circle group and also attend his boot camp.

I’ll be honest the inner circle is a fair bit of money each month but when you work out how much to can make from implementing the advice you get from Dom, it’s easily worth ten fold.

Let’s talk money.

I have a small select group of clients and my profit has increased by 37% per week simply by taking a simple piece of advice from Dom.

That amounts to an extra £372 per month that I wasn’t getting before.

Now I’m only at the very beginning of my journey and have so much more to learn. If I can earn that much more in one month, I have every confidence this time next year I will have increased my turnover by well over 50%, and maybe more!”

Karen Rhodes, Suffolk Dog Services

“I’ve known Dom for a while now and we have chatted a lot about business and he has helped me out with my business. He also introduced me to Alex which created me a new, fun, exciting and profitable side to my business.

Dom’s a bit like marmite though you either love him or hate him. I think he’s great but I fucking hate marmite! My dogs also like him so that says a lot. To be honest even if you don’t like him, I’d still recommend you go on his Pet Business talk, he has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.

Business is his thing and he loves it, you can see that when you hear him speak. If you are feeling lost or struggling Dom will help you. His talk is great and gives you lots of motivation and ideas to get started, but the key is to take action and he’ll tell you about that too.

The dog training, dog walking, dog day care market is saturated at the moment and if you don’t step up your game you won’t survive. Dom can and will help you be the best!!’

Jane Arden, Waggawuffins Canine College

Enter your details below and let’s get you on the fast track to success with your pet business.