If you are a dog walker business owner who doubts your ability to put yourself out there and ever succeed at this ‘running a business’ lark, if the lockdown has left your business battered and bruised and you worry if you will ever get back to ‘pre-covid’ levels? If you lose sleep and feel guilty about putting your prices up because you don’t feel good enough, if you know you have difficult decisions to make but aren’t clear what they are, and if you love dogs but HATE marketing then please read this message now…

Are your pet business plans in ruins after lockdown?

Do you worry you’ll have to quit your dream dog walking business and go back to a 9-5 job?

Top Dollar, Top Dog!

Will you have the courage to take on some staff so you don’t have to do everything yourself, all the time?

Are you worried you’ll run out of savings before your pet business recovers?

Are you skint but terrified to increase prices incase your clients leave?

Or do you simply wish you could turn more enquiries into paying customers?

Here’s a better question.

Do you need a proper plan to grow your dog walking business, or are you happy to just stick your head in the sand and continue sleepwalking your way towards burnout? If so then close this page down now.

See, I know you love what you do, I was the same when I started my dog adventure business in 2011.

This was the big dream, wasn’t it? To work with dogs

To help dog owners, to turn your passion for pooches into a profitable business, AND to prove all the doubting Thomas’s wrong who said you couldn’t make a living being ‘just a dog walker…’

There’s no way you ever want to go back to the drudgery of a 9 to 5 job working in a call centre or as secretary.

Hell no…

You were meant for bigger and better things than that. You took the leap, scrimped and saved as you strived to leave your old job behind and start a new chapter in your life.

You took that giant leap and launched your dog walking business, even though everyone, including some friends and members of your own family, told you not to.

I bet you started your business for two reasons.

You are passionate about and love dogs. I mean LOVE them. If you are anything like me you probably prefer them to people.

Actually that’s not strictly true is it? Because of reason number 2;

You actually want to help people.

And not in a fluffy bunny ‘heal the world’ kind of way. You actually enjoy providing a service that helps pet owners have a better life with their dogs.

It’s your calling in life, and you are grateful each day that you took the leap and left that ‘normal’ job and a normal life, behind.

So why hasn’t it turned out like you thought it would?

My problem was I didn’t know anything about business.

Actually, it was worse than that because I didn’t know anything about dogs either. I found some great dog teachers who set me on the right training path, but the lack of marketing knowledge took much longer to fix, and was way more costly to me in the long run.

No doubt you learned the hard way, as I have, that there is more to running a dog walking business than just buying a van, buying some leads and setting up a Facebook page…

And I made the monumental error of taking advice from well meaning, but frankly clueless loved ones and friends, and even supposed industry experts who said things like;

‘Don’t charge too much’

‘Be thankful for anything you can get’

‘You can’t be too choosy when you first start’

Great advice.


Running a business like that will lead to beans on toast for tea every night, and your ever demanding clients deciding for you, how you run your business.

It doesn’t need to be this way

And it’s not like there isn’t plenty of work out there.

There is no shortage of dog owners in your town.

They are everywhere.

Now the pandemic has happened and you have a whole new set of problems to deal with…

The fact is, things are different now. The old ways of ‘marketing’ your dog walking business by posting a few things on social media, simply won’t work (If they ever did….) . To bounce back effectively after lockdown and ensure your dog walking business survives the upcoming recession, you need to radically change how dog owners in your town view your services.

You need affluent clients

If you want rise above the compeition and build a profitable, enjoyable and stress free dog training business you should stay well away from the bottom end of the market.

Dom the Award Winning Dog Walker

Things got a lot easier with my dog walking business when I learned how to attract affluent dog owners in my town, whose first question isn’t ‘How much do you charge…’.

These ‘premium’ clients know and appreciate what I do. They pay in full and on time, every time, they refer me to their ‘affluent’ dog owning friends, and I know there are lots of these dog owners in your town.

And affluent dog owners are the only ones who are willing and able (because they have the disposable income) to invest in your doggy services.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and attract these clients?

That’s the million dollar question.

You probably made the mistake every other pet business owner makes when they start up, which is look at the competition, and copy what they do and what they charge.

Or we copy just one of their services that looks slightly different to ours, and we add it onto the ever expanding list of different services we already offer.

And because you charge the same and look the same as everyone else you give your potential clients nothing to compare you with, but price.

Now you are just another pet business offering the same kinds of service, at the same kinds of prices, as all the other pet businesses in your town.

And competing on price is a dangerous place to be for any business owner.

Do you know what the really sad thing is?

Your competition probably copied all their prices and services from somebody else too!

Is it any wonder that your dog walking business isn’t standing out the way you want it to???

The other big problem is you don’t know what your goals are anymore.

You don’t have any.

You run a popular, quite well known and as far you know, a well thought of dog walking business.  And you are proud of that, as you should be.

But you also feel skint and time poor, and keeping clients happy, attracting more clients you actually want to work with, whilst also making time for your loved ones who support you is a constant juggling act. And it’s not fair on them to just keep ploughing all your money back into the business, especially when any money you do spend on marketing feels as pointless as the time you waste faffing about on social media.

And continuing to spend all your spare cash attending more and more seminars, where you will hear the same old speakers delivering the same old stuff, is NOT going to help you improve your pet business.

You want success, but not at any price.

So what’s really getting in the way of you having the successful pet business you crave?

Is it the competition that are popping up all too regularly, that charge a fraction of the price you do, but don’t have a tenth of the knowledge and experience that you have?

Is it the vast array of services you offer that are taking up more hours each day. The new dog walking businesses that start up each and every week, the ‘last-minute’ cancelled appointments, the constant churn of having to find new dog owners?

The work life balancing scales have well and truly tipped towards work, and you see little chance of reducing your hours or increasing your income any time soon.

See the real thing getting in the way of your success is YOU

You don’t know it but you are at a crossroads with your business now.

One way lies more of the same.

Same clients, same services, same level of income, same shit but different day for as long as you can stick it out.

You’re stuck in a time for money trap, where each and every service has to be delivered or overseen by you.

And, as more furloughed people will lose their jobs, some of those will start their own pet businesses in your town, adding yet more pet professionals to fight over the same amount of dog owners.

Then what?

Burn out.

But there is a better, more profitable and much easier way to build your dog walking business and that’s what I will be teaching on my brand new ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box’

If you are ready, then I would love it if you would join me.

In my pet business bible ‘Walk Yourself Wealthy’ I shared the marketing secrets you need to know if you want your business to not only be the best, but be seen as the best in your town.

And in the Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box, you will learn exactly ‘How’ to grow a premium dog walking business, and position yourself as the expert dog walker in your area, so you can make more money, get better results, make more of an IMPACT, and service better clients with less hassle and fewer headaches.

So , what is the Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box?

It’s a brand new 10 module program specifically designed to help you launch, grow, scale and transform your little business into a profitable and FUN dog walking empire.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of people to leave their crummy jobs behind and launch successful dog walking business, and now for the first time ever, I’m sharing all my business building secrets in one amazing program

You will discover:

MODULE ONE: How to build the Ultimate Dog Walking Sales and Marketing Machine– Most dog walkers do ALL thier marketing on Facebook and they wonder why they get LOADS of enquiries from cheapskate dog owners whose first question is always ‘How much do you charge???’. Or worse they get loads of recommendations in FB groups but NO enquiries.

To create a sustainable dog walking business you need a proper marketing system that gets ‘eyes’ on your business, captures their attention and then convinces them you are the ONLY dog walking option. Then you need to build a relationship so you can turn a one time sale into a life-time client. This means onboard, upselling and ‘cloning’ your best clients with a referral system.

In week One I’ll be laying out how we will build a marketing machine that does ALL that, and more.

MODULE TWO: How to Stand out from the Crowd with a Niche– Ever wondered if you could create a pet business that permanently stands out from the every growing competition?

Well, you CAN and in Module Two you’ll discover how to niche down your services so you appear more ‘expert’ than all the other dog walkers. Your niche makes it easier for affluent clients to find you, and they’ll be happy to pay your higher fees.

What will your niche be? You’ll find out in this program (HINT: Your niche will be the breed of dog you LOVE the most…)

MODULE THREE: How to be a premium pet business in a ‘post-pandemic’ world’ – Things are different to how they were before lockdown. There’s less money swilling around the economy and it’s no different for dog owners in your town.

You won’t be able to grow your dog walking business doing the same old ‘look at me!’ social media bullshit marketing you were doing before. To grow in a recession you need to position your business as being different and better than everyone else.

You need to be seen as being an ‘expert’. This will bring expert seeking high-fee paying dog owners to your door . I’ll show you how to end the feast and famine business model that caps your income and ultimatley leaves you burned out on the business treadmill.

MODULE FOUR: Turn Enquiries into Clients with Profitable Paper and Ink Promotions!’

Are you sick and tired of spending countless hours wasting your time on social media? In week four I’ll be sharing how you can ‘hide’ your BEST stuff from the competition and leave them floundering in the dark. You do that by throwing an invisibitly cloak over your promotional material and get ‘offline’.

See, anything you do online anyone can see (including your competition) what you need is your OWN media, I’m the ONLY pet business coach who teaches how to create your own media including your own paper and ink newsletter.

The way to ‘build a tribe’ is do the opposite of what all the other (skint, tired and depressed) dog walkers are doing. I’ve perfected the ultimate Online/Offline ‘grass roots’ marketing strategy that will make you easier to find, and will help you connect with more ‘local’ dog owners.

You’ll get templated ‘Service Menus’ AND ‘Newsletters’ and ‘Referral Postcards’ that you can copy and start using straight away.

MODULE FIVE: How to create a signature system that convinces clients yours is the safest, most stimulating service in town.

Your clients are entrusting you with thier most prized possesion, thier dog. This requires an amazing degree of trust in you AND what you do with the dogs in your care.

A signature system reassures your clients and convinces them you have their dogs best interest at heart. Your signature system also makes it easier to staff and scale your business.

MODULE SIX: Staffing, Scaling and Systemising your Pet Business . In week eight I’ll show you how to create a ‘signature system’ that makes your dog walking service completely different to anything your competition has to offer. This system will reassure your prospects and convince them ONLY you can provide a safe, secure and stimulating experience for their dogs.

Your Signature System will also make is easier to staff and scale your pet business. You might not think you need staff yet, but this will have you fully prepared for the day you do.

MODULE SEVEN – How to make more money from your existing clients. In week seven I’ll be showing how to expertly ‘onboard’ and effortlessly ‘upsell’ your clients. The most difficult, expensive and time consuming job for a business owner is getting new clients. Once you have one you need to keep them, clone them AND increase what they spend with you. That’s where your onboarding process comes in which I’ll lay out during week six. Once again I have templated examples that will WOW your new clients and make them feel like they’ve joined a ‘family’.

UPsells – In 2011 I changed dog walking forever by pionerring ‘the dog adventure’. This is a more advanced, exclusive service that left my competitors in the shade. I’ll show you how to do exactly the same thing with your business so your service is seen (and known) as being different and better than your crappy competition.

Money Mindset, Goalsetting and Confidence Transplant The sad fact is most pet business owners fail to make any serious money and struggle to pay the bills. They have a low-price charging ‘scarcity’ mindset, and it doesn’t matter how many clients they have on the books, they never have enough in the bank to be comfortable.

That won’t change until you change your ‘money mindset’ and understand it is possible to run a pet business you love AND make a great living. A business that’s built for growth has a confident business owner behind it, and a ‘Wealthy’ business requires a wealth attraction mindset. That’s why I will also be giving all bootcamp attendees a unique ‘look over my shoulder’ at my own systems and procedures.

MODULE NINE: Online Marketing Strategy – Social media can be a useful tool to help you connect with dog owners in your town, BUT only if you use it correctly.

Your social media activity should do the same job as your offline paper and ink marketing, that is to connect and convince affluent dog owners that you are the perfect choice for them.

I’ll show you how to use video to ‘demonstrate’ your superior services, and we’ll turn your website into a client attraction magnet that gets local eyes on your services.

MODULE TEN: Follow Up and Email marketing. I’m the worlds leading pet business email marketing expert. On week Ten I’ll be showing you my method for writing emails that enables me to talk to 3000 prospects every day, helps me sell out seminars around the UK, and allowed me to sell 250 copies of my book, before it was even published.

The future fortune of your business is in the ‘follow up’ systems you have in place.

You can sell (and upsell) more of your dog walking services using follow up, but only Business in a Box investors will find out exactly how.

3 X BONUS Q and A sessions: To help you implement everything in the bootcamp I’m also sharing 3 bonus group Q and A recordings where I helped my members get clarity about anything they were unsure about.

Why this training is different to anything you’ve done before.

I’ve helped hundreds of dog walkers to truly transform their businesses. I’m the only pet business coach who has written eight books, who uses all kinds of online and offline media, and I started my first premium dog adventure businesss slap bang in the middle of the last recession in 2011.

Quite simply, I’ve been here before and only I know how to navigate the stormy seas we are heading into with this recession…

If your dog walking business is already doing well and you are desperate to kick on to the next level then you should know my unique marketing methods have created more authors, speakers and industry leaders than anyone else.

This is a BRAND new program which only gets delivered LIVE once a year. I’ll be sharing ALL the marketing secrets that I’ve implemented in my own award winning dog training and adventure business. Over the ten weeks of the program you’ll get the chance to ‘swipe and deploy’ the same ‘winning’ strategies in your own business. The 10 LIVE weekly webinars will happen every Thursday at 6pm. (GMT)

Don’t worry if you already have appointments, or live in a different time zone or country, you’ll get the replays of the webinars straight away afterwards, with your homework.

So, what’s the investment?

My marketing consultations currently bill out at £597 an hour, so for the 10 live webinars you are effectively getting £5970 of mentoring and coaching from me.

However, I’m not asking for half or even quarter of that.

You can get full and lifetime access to this program for just £297! (List Price usually £1997)

And that’s not all, because I’ve also got three amazing bonuses worth an astonishing £1029.

Amazing BONUS Number One:

2 X 15 minute phone calls with me – On these ‘strategy calls’ I’ll quickly find out exactly what your challenges are and give you a ‘personal’ pet business plan so you can start moving forward faster – (I bill out at £597 an hour for consulting so this is a legit £298 BONUS)

VALUE: £298

The PBIC is the place for prosperous pet business owners

Amazing BONUS Number Two

2 Months Free inside my Pet Business Inner Circle. The PBIC is the place where you build a prosperous and impactful pet business, you’ll get access to the Gold resources, your monthly 12 page Ledger, monthly 60 minute audio training, live monthly group Q and A sessions and the PBIC Private discussion group –

VALUE – Usually £117 a month so a £234 Bonus

Professional Dog Walkers Academy

Amazing BONUS Number Three

As a final sweetener I’m also including FULL access to my Professional Dog Walkers Academy. The Pro Dog Walkers Academy is the ultimate online training rescource for dog walkers who want to run safe, secure and stimulating group (or solo) walks. I spent two years practising and perfecting my off-leash group walking methods, and then I put all of this training inside my Pro Dog Walkers Academy.

This is a complete online ‘real-life’ training experience.. You’ll get to join me on my world famous ‘Pack Leader dog Adventures’, courses include;

How to find your dog’s Kryptonite: The concept of ‘finding the kryptonite’ (i.e. the thing your dog loves above all else) has changed the lives of dog owners all over the world. What you learn in this course will help you quickly bond and connect with any dog (or puppy) in your care.

How to play with your dog – Online course : Learning how to play with my own and my client’s dogs was the catalyst for all the success that followed with my business. The dog and walker who play together, stay together. No more losing sleep stressing about how you will maintain control of the dogs you look after. Once you discover the power of play, you will never look back.

Worry Free Walks Online Course: This is a 7 module course that shows you how to plan (and carry out) a perfect dog walk. You will learn; How to survive a trip to the dog park. Never again will you need to worry about your dog running away to find something more interesting than you. The key to a successful trip to the dog park is in the preparation. How to get your dog’s attention laser locked onto you using food and toys.

How to enjoy Safe and Stimulating Group Walks: Is it really possible to maintain a high level of safety with a group of dogs? Yes, it is! If you follow the easy plan of action, I lay out for you here. If you are doing group dog walks (and if you want to earn maximum money from your business then you should be doing them) then you have to get the unique, hands-on practical training I share in this course.

How to be Your Dog’s Superhero – Seminar Highlights: In 2017 I toured the UK with my How to be Your Dog’s Superhero Seminar, which we filmed and you can see the highlights of now. In this hour-long seminar I explain (and demonstrate with Sidney) how I transformed myself from loser dog walker to my dogs superhero

Clicker Free Trick Training Course: In this course, I show you how to teach any dog FIVE simple tricks that will help you bond and connect with a dog so you can become that trusted friend your clients want you to be to their precious pooch.

Recordings from the main event Saturday IMPACT 2019 event. IMPACT is the annual Pet Busines Success Summit (attendees invested £1000 a ticket). You’ll get to see five amazing presentations from me and pet industry leaders covering how to use video to grow your pet business, how to write a book, how to get your face (and your business) in the media, how to use Facebook adverts AND my pet business prescription to create a premium business. I’m even including my ‘Seven Big Idea’ Presentation from the behind closed doors Sunday of IMPACT, where I shared the Seven ‘BIG THINGS’ that took me from being a local dog walker in Sunderland to being seen as an industry leader.

VALUE – £497

Total Value of Bonuses – £1029

This really is the bargain of this (and the last) century!

£5970 of personal pet business mentoring from me

£1029 genuine value of bonuses

Just £1997 £297 IF you grab your place NOW using the link below .

It’s not for everyone though…

I should stress now that the Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box isn’t for everyone. It’s strictly for pet business owners who are;

  • Already knowledgeable and brilliant at the ‘thing’ you do. This is not a seminar where you will learn about dog behaviour. This is about taking the skills and knowledge you’ve been learning and practising for years and turning them into a profitable business.
  • Determined to succeed and have no preconceived notions of how things ‘should be done’. I can pretty much guarantee that you aren’t making the best use of the skills you already have and in your ‘bread and butter’ business there will be improvements you can make straight away that will put more bacon on the table, instead of beans.
  • Willing to step on a few toes and ruffle a few feathers. Let’s be honest you can’t achieve premier positioning and sustain premium pricing by giving discounts and being everyone’s best friend. Everyone has opinions about your business but the only opinions that matter are yours and the opinions of the people who are paying you money.
  • Willing to test strategies that leave you feeling very uncomfortable. Much of what I and the guest speakers teach you will leave you feeling shit scared. I mean, daily emails, firing customers, dropping services and turning business away. These are just some of the uncomfortable things I have done in my own pet business. Don’t for one minute think yours is any different. It’s not.
  • Willing to work hard and implement what you learn. This is not ‘just another course’ you can add to the list of online and in person seminars you’ve attended in the past. This is THE ONLY program you will ever do that will enable you to help more people AND make more money from your amazing dog training skills. But, you have to do the work. If you are the kind of trainer who is more interested in ‘likes’ and ‘Instagram hearts’ than you are in earning money and helping people then you should throw this letter in the bin immediately.

And if your cash flow is really tight, this isn’t for you either.

But if you’re doing ok business- wise or feel like you are stuck in a rut, like you have a million ideas but don’t know where to start, and you really want to make your dog walking business stand out so you have a continuous supply of the kind of work you love doing then this exclusive program is for you;

Grab the Walk Yourself Wealthy Business in a Box for just HALF PRICE using the link below now

Don’t take my word for it either. Look at what these pet professionals have to say about working with me;

Jenny Heslington has completely turned her dog walking business around, and gone from ordinary to ‘PREMIUM’

I’m Jenny and I run Pet Fit Pet Care, a dog walking business which I started in April 2017.  I had previously spent over 20 years as a veterinary nurse, so my business very much has a health and fitness emphasis with lots of my clients drawing on my medical knowledge whenever they have a worry about their pet.

My business has grown slowly since its birth with me always seeming to be nearly but not quite full.  I certainly was not making enough money to survive long-term and was doing the classic of working more hours, exhausting myself, having incredibly stressful days, but still not making a comfortable amount of money.  I am absolutely not a natural promoter.  I hate telling anyone about me, how good I am etc etc; so had been using the easy option of promotion – Facebook.  It would occasionally get me some clients but with such a huge amount of competition in my area, some of which were actively promoting how much cheaper they were than others (and I wasn’t expensive!), I really wasn’t getting anywhere in terms of business growth.  I started to think about taking on a second job, or going back into veterinary nursing.  Money was a big concern.  I couldn’t see how I could sustain this level of income for much longer.

I saw an advert for Dom’s Dog walkers business in a box towards the end of last summer.  It hit me where it hurt, i.e. “are you going to be able to survive the recession?”.  This was already a big worry so I grabbed the chance to join this course having been circling Dom’s world for a couple of years without being brave enough to jump in feet first.  Within the first two weeks I knew I’d made the right decision. 

Dom talked common sense.  He pointed out really obvious ways to improve my business that I had either never thought about, had thought wasn’t right for my little, insignificant business, or was just too scary to contemplate.  Dom gave me courage to try his techniques.  The fact I was talking to him each week, with homework assigned worked really well for me too.  I only work well under pressure, with a tight deadline.  Knowing that Dom would know if I hadn’t done what I said I would really spurred me on.  Hearing others stories really helped too.  Especially the ones who had been using Dom’s techniques for a while and had seen the benefits.

With Dom’s support, encouragement and knowledge I have already made some big changes to my business. I have lost some clients but they are the ones who were causing me problems anyway and I secretly knew I needed to lose. It’s been scary but with the groups constant reassurance that it will get better as long as I keep on track, I haven’t given up. And guess what? I have new clients now. Ones that are prepared to pay a decent price for my specialist services. I feel more confident about the level of service that I provide; I’m not just another dog walker. I still have long way to go but feel confident that I will get there now. I think the biggest thing is that I feel like I have some control over the way my business progresses now, rather than being at the mercy of clients and the competition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Business in a Box to anyone running their own dog walking business.

Or Shan Sinclair who has transformed her family run dog walking business…

Hi my name is Shan Sinclair I have a Pet Service in Bath working with my two daughters. We offer a wide range of services dog walks, daycare, home boarding and home visits. We had been running just over a year before Dom came into our lives. My biggest struggle was finding clients even though I had put the word about in our local village I was still struggling with promoting our services. I came across Dom on Facebook and started a 7 day programme , from this I joined Business in a Box a 10 week webinar programme . What is so amazing about Dom is his ability to keep all the webinars interesting and packed with information it blew my mind and I soon realised I needed help in other areas like building signature systems and being really organised. At the end of every webinar we could ask those burning questions and worries and Dom always had the best answers and solutions to all the problems. The biggest thing I got from Business in a Box was the best ways to market yourself and putting together a welcome pack for clients but most of all how to be better from the rest by being different. This is an ever growing business and you need to be at the top of your game. If you put the work in and listen to Dom you will see amazing results..

Platinum member Tim Jackson has just had his first book published, and is introducing a membership scheme for his adventure daycare

Dom has made a huge difference to my business and I am amazed how much I have achieved with his help and enthusiasm over the past 6 months. I can’t wait for the next 6 months!

And Katie Guastapaglia built on the success of her ‘open fields day’ event last year and introduced a membership scheme, launched her Scentventure dog training program and began consulting to other field business owners.

It was 8.55am on Friday 31st January and I was a mess. Sure, I’d followed all of Dom’s advice about writing the sales page, creating packages, slick resources and content, I’d stuck to the plan and sent all the emails, had my last call with Dom and all of the Platinum Punks had wished me luck – but at this point I was on my own, and you never really know what to expect 5 minutes before the doors open to your brand new service, a service with no precedent anywhere else in the world, a game changing, potentially life changing service, do you? 8.56am an email comes though, ‘Hi, I’ve been checking the website all morning but I can’t sign up – please help, I’m desperate to join!!’ By the time I replied saying the doors would be open at 9am, my notifications were pinging off the scale. 100 members on launch day and that was only the beginning! Thank you Dom for pushing me forward and being able to visualise Club Dogwood before I could. It’s scary to step out of your comfort zone and try something big and new but having Dom’s support made it happen for me.

When you click on the button below you’ll be taken to a page where you can input your details. As soon you complete that you’ll automatically get a confirmation email from me which contains more info about the program and your bonuses (including the Pro Dog Walkers Academy content, which you are going to LOVE)

Beth will start onboardin you into the PBIC tomorrow and you’ll get your link to book your first call with me.

This is not the time to sit on the fence and ‘wish’ your business was performing better. It’s the time for action.  I’ll give you the proven pet business plan your dog training business needs, and I’ll inject you with the confidence you are lacking so you can make more of an IMPACT with your amazing services.

See you in there.