The Poodle to Pitbull 'Dog Walkers' Business Bootcamp Recordings 

Here are the recordings to the Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Bootcamp which took place is May 2018. You can either consume these recordings in their entirety or as a smorgasbord of knowlegde which you just dip into, as and when you need it.

Presentation One - Welcome to the Bootcamp

In this presentation Dom sets the scene for whats coming up in the bootcamp.

Presentation Two - The Uniqueness Exercise 

In your quest to find a U.S.P (unique selling point) to promote your pet business. It's worth looking at what makes other brands unique. We did this uniqueness exercise and Dom asked everyone to bring along a special product and tell the story of why they love it so much.

Presentation Three - Your Marketing Machine 

Where do you even start to market your pet business, Dom gives the answers and explains what YOUR marketing machine should look like, and how it works.

Presentation Four - Storytelling with Vicky Fraser

Vicky Fraser shows you how to sell your amazing services with stories...

Presentation Five - Onboarding 

Learn how to effortlessly and expertly onboard your clients so they stay longer, spend more money and refer you to their affluent dog owning friends.

Day Two of the Bootcamp

The following videos are the recordings from day two of the 'dog walkers' business bootcamp.

Induction Bonus Premium Pricing Webinar.

This webinar will explain how I launched a premium dog walking business (In Sunderland!) without any clients OR previous business experience.

Induction Bonus Group Q and A - One 

This is the recording of the first PBIC Gold Q and A we did during the original induction in January 2018. I would highly recommend you listen to both these as you will gain lots of insights from the questions asked by your fellow PBIC members, and the candid answers I give.

In this first Q and A I share some of the challenges I faced when I launched my own dog adventure business in Sunderland back in 2011.

Induction Bonus Group Q and A  - Two

This is the recording of the second PBIC Gold Q and A we did during the original induction in January 2018.

In this first Q and A we talk about how you can craft a unique marketing message.